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ST Institute of Aeronautics

Approved by Director General of Civil Aviation,
Govt. of India, New Delhi



Our Courses Aircraft Maintenance Engineering     ||     Cabin Crew & Hospitality    ||     B.TECH. IN AEROSPACE ENGINEERING     ||     THE RIGHT ATTITUDE,GUARANTEED ACHIEVEMENTS    ||    

    Courses Offered

    Aircraft Maintenance Engineering


    Aircraft maintenance engineers are concerned with the maintenance of the aircraft. An aircraft maintenance engineer has to obtain a licence from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). An aircraft maintenance engineer is responsible for the control, maintenance and repair of specialised aircraft instrumentation and related parts of the aircraft.

    CABIN Crew & Hospitality


    We focus on your Professional and Personal Development.Enhance corporate and individual image by building credibility and confidence.Equip you with skills necessary to place you above the competition.Differentiate you in a competitive market– Enhance social and business skills.Develop distinguished conduct that is admired.

    Aerospace Engineering

    Aerospace Engineering

    B. Tech. in Aerospace Engineering is a four year professional undergraduate program that deals with the design, construction, and study of the science behind the forces and physical properties of aircraft, rockets, flying craft, and spacecraft. The prescribed courses of study and scheme cover areas like, design, structures, propulsion, aerodynamics and systems. 

    About STIA

    About STIA

    ST Institute of Aeronautics is founded by Mrs. Seema Tiwari in 2005. STIA offers an extensive range of aviation-related courses and programmes. Offering the ideal launch-pad for a career in the management and technical spheres of aviation, STIA has a proven track record of preparing students for future success

    Director Words

    Director Words

    I assure that the facilities being provided and the surrounding atmosphere will definitely please you and will prove the virgin. In the last I can assure all of my students to get the best Campus selection on completion of their respective courses with the biggest and most respectful groups of the Aviation field and as well with Government of India.

    Make your Career

    Make your Career

    Welcome to ST Institute of Aeronautics is dedicated to high quality service in the field of aviation industry. STIA center is running career oriented programs on regular basis. The students having an aptitude and flair to go in aviation field will have enormous career opportunities.

    Our Vision


    After passing the examinations the students will have almost 100% job opportunities in India and worldwide. STIA has undertaken the responsibility to provides manpower in Aviation Industry with highly qualified professionals and in the process take in the success of each and every student. You are welcome to join STIA to fulfill your dream to become a professional.

    Best Engineering College In JaipurBest Engineering College In JaipurBest Engineering College In Jaipur

At ST Institute of Aeronautics has continuously striven to grow from strength to strength, adding industry relevant and innovative courses to the syllabus, creating a footprint in different locations of India and also strategically partnering academic alliances with domestic and international airlines.
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      Who We are ?

      Our ground classes represent the safest way to see if this prestigious career in aviation is the one you want. It is always better to know early, before you should move ahead into aviation to became an engineer. more

      About STIA

      Why Study At ST Institute of Aeronautics

      Fully Flexible Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). ST Institute of Aeronautics, Jaipur has State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course in its campus. To ensure the overall development and engineering…

      ST Institute of Aeronautics – B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering,Jaipur

      This B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering mainly deals with the technology, business and other aspects related to aircraft. One of the significant parts in aeronautical engineering is a branch of physical…

      Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course – ST Institute of Aeronautics

      As we know aviation is a beautiful gift to humanity. In our country and abroad, the revolutionary changes are taking place in Aviation Industry and same will be the prime…


      Welcome at STIA

      We invite you to walk into ST Institute of Aeronautics. and our team will endeavor to nature you to your best potential. At the training center, we will help you to tap your full potential, hone your talent and groom your skills to bring out the best in you, by imparting customized and quality education in new age sectors of aviation. Our success lies in you being the most sought after professional in aviation. more

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