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Cabin Crew & Airport Management Course

This one year certificate course is designed to transform youth life. This course is meant for the people who like to become an Airhostess and Care in the Air. Many young people opt for cabin crew as a full-fledged career prospect because of the high salaries, exciting experience of flying and interacting with different kinds of people on board and visiting several countries. The liberation of the Indian skies has thrown open a lot of job opportunities in this field. This profession requires lot of hard work, commitment, smartness and total dedication.

The job entails performing safety and service duties which ensure that air travelers are flying in a safe environment, whilst receiving excellent standards of friendly service. Life is always varied when you work as cabin crew. Your training in communication, team work, first aid, personality development and customer care skills will also be helpful and can also be transferred to other areas of your life. The Course at STIA conforms to the International standards of airlines’ in-flight operations and hospitality industry. It prepares you to handle the toughest moments in airlines

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Education - 10+2
  • Age - 17-26
  • Gender - Male/Female
  • Height - 157 cm for Females, 170 cm for Males
  • Weight - In proportion to height

The students having unblemished complexion and a pleasing personality with a customer caring orientation are the most suitable candidates for this career.

Real in Flight Practical:

STIA offers all its Cabin Crew trainees Real In-flight practical orientation with one of the leading Airlines without any extra cost. Willing students can also be sent to foreign countries for Practical exposure at a cost.

Internship Prerequisite:

As a part of Diploma, A student needs to complete a minimum of 3 months' of Internship/practical experience. He can do this during the course or after the completion of the 9 months of classroom training. In case he decides to do this during the classroom training the exams would still be held at the end of one year course duration.