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Approved by Director General of Civil Aviation,
Govt. of India, New Delhi
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ST Institute of Aeronautics (STIA) offers the following programmes:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

As we know aviation is a beautiful gift to humanity. In our country and abroad, the revolutionary changes are taking place in Aviation Industry and same will be the prime focus in the immediate future. To meet the challenges of rapidly changing world, the need of the hour is to change ourselves.

In today's scenario, the development of a country is measured in the terms of its technological enhancements. Our nation too is looking for the dedicated and high caliber "Aircraft Maintenance Engineers" for real up-liftment. With the privatisation and foreign collaboration increasing everyday, the future is very bright in aviation sector. Most airlines are planning to increase their fleet and this is an opening avenue for the aviation aspirants.

In order to meet ever increasing demand of AME,STIA, Jaipur established in the year 2006, has undertaken the responsibility to provide the youth with easy access to high quality AME training at affordable cost. The training with us will provide a high quality of knowledge and skill, to survive today's technology and intensive work environment. The students having an aptitude and flair to go in AME field will have enormous career opportunities. After passing the DGCA examinations the students will have almost 100% Job opportunities in India as well as world wide. We welcome to all students to fulfill their dreams for becoming an Aircraft Engineer and build up their career as an AME in Aviation Industry. AME Licences are the authorities accorded by the DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India to exercise the privileges assigned to the individual relating to maintenance or flying of the civil aircrafts under the specified condition. Before an aircraft take-off, it has to be checked by an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and get certified as fit for flying. If such a certificate is not issued, the aircraft can not take-off.

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Airport Management

ST Institute of Aeronautics (STIA) endeavor to meet the industry’s requirements by providing well trained aviation professionals. With the modern equipments and training aids available in our labs, our experienced faculty provides necessary training and skills to the budding professionals. Our experienced faculty ensures that we produce a task force which meets the requirements of maintenance and safe operation of modern sophisticated aircrafts.

Cabin Crew & Airport Management

This one year certificate course is designed to transform youth life. This course is meant for the people who like to become an Airhostess and Care in the Air. Many young people opt for cabin crew as a full-fledged career prospect because of the high salaries, exciting experience of flying and interacting with different kinds of people on board and visiting several countries. The liberation of the Indian skies has thrown open a lot of job opportunities in this field. This profession requires lot of hard work, commitment, smartness and total dedication.

The job entails performing safety and service duties which ensure that air travelers are flying in a safe environment, whilst receiving excellent standards of friendly service. Life is always varied when you work as cabin crew. Your training in communication, team work, first aid, personality development and customer care skills will also be helpful and can also be transferred to other areas of your life. The Course at STIA conforms to the International standards of airlines’ in-flight operations and hospitality industry. It prepares you to handle the toughest moments in airlines